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Monday, October 12, 2009

she said yes!!

Hello my friends,

I just wanted to let you know about some recent developments in my life.  I actually don't have a girlfriend anymore.  It's kind of been in the works for awhile now but it is now official and I just wanted to let all of you know.  On a positive note though another recent development that happened at roughly the same is that I do now have a fiancee'...

I'M ENGAGED!  On Thursday October 8, 2009 at about 6:15pm I was down on bended knee on a rock pier at the beach asking the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my life if she wanted to spend the rest of her life with me.  And she said yes!!  Corey and I are officially going to get married!! 

I'm sure most people will want to know the story of the proposal so allow me to share:

It was Thursday.  Just another normal workday for Corey...or so she thought.  She went to her early morning pilates class as normal and when she returned to her room to get ready for the day, there was a strange note on her bedside table with her name on it.  As she read it she was informed that she indeed had the day off (cleared by the base directors wife!) and that she was cordially invited to her boyfriends house at 8am..and to come hungry.  Upon her arrival at my house (me being the boyfriend after all) she walked up the stairs (that had candles on them of course) and was greeted with a lovely little breakfast.  Candles, flowers, music playing and nice plates including a red one that said "You are special today"...and then she was served up "heart shaped" waffles with her favorite fruits, whip cream, and even authentic Canadian maple syrup.  Ok the syrup was from Australia but it definitely had a Canadian Maple leaf on the bottle.  Hey I tried. 

After breakfast we watched one of her favorite chick flicks and then she was given another letter.  This one said to prepare to hit the town!  We went dress shopping. And 3 hours and 3 malls later....we found one!  A nice white sundress that is quite flowy and almost reaches her feet and is very pretty.  After that we then went down to the beach and had some fish and chips while we fed a few crazy seagulls that were far more interested in our fries than in the tangible feeling of burning love that was in the air..

Then another letter.  It was pampering time.  Corey was driven by her good looking boyfriend (once again..that's me) to a nice day spa on the edge of the ocean and was treated to an hour long massage by a petite woman with fingers of iron.  I then picked her up and drove her back to her house...

Upon entering her house she was given another note.  This one informed her that her job was to get ready and look good.  She was to be ready by 5:45pm and was under strict orders to wait for a knock on the door before she went out front.  The knock finally came and one my friends who was dressed up nice escorted Corey (who looked absolutely incredible at this point) into a white stretch limousine.  Inside the limo was my laptop that had a slideshow (set to music of course) of my life since I was a baby and then the transition of MY memories to OUR memories as our paths have intertwined over the last year or so.  The limo then dropped her off at a remote beach....

...where she received another note.  She was greeted by another one of my friends and given a candle in a glass vase as well as my ipod set to a certain song.  Her instructions were to get to the sand, turn left, and find me....because I was waiting for her. 

After a long walk down the beach she eventually found me.  I was up on an old rock pier surrounded by candles and standing next to a chair and a guitar on a stand.  I helped her up onto the pier and then sat on the chair and sang and played her a song I had written for her.  Then it was down on one knee where I said a few things (and may or may not have gotten a bit choked up...don't' judge me), pulled out a ring and asked her if she would marry me...

And she said yes!! 

So we are both quite excited and are really looking forward to what the future is bringing.  It is gonna be quite the little adventure coming up in the next few months.  Not only is there the obvious transition into married life...but there is also a transition in the area of location and ministry that I will be sharing soon as well.  So stay tuned!  Things are getting shook up in my life in many different areas! 

Thanks again for all of your continued support and prayers.  Things are going so well and God is so good!  I'm getting married!!! 

Love you guys and you will hear more soon!!



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